Piyush BansalPiyush Bansal

Hello, I am Piyush

I am a Junior at IIIT Hyderabad, studying Computer Science. I am passionate about Information retreival, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

I am currently working in fields of Social Network Analysis with Prof. Vasudeva Varma and Automated Book Summarisation and Structured information extraction from books with Prof. Manish Gupta.

I am also a strong supporter of Open Source, and work with Google Open Source Programs Office to help propagate FOSS via programs like GSoC and GCI.

I worked on automated acceptance testing for Melange - a part of Google Open Source Programs Office last summer. This summer I am excited to be working with LinkedIn on Intrusion Detection Systems as a Data Scientist Intern.

I believe that the simplest of ideas can bring the biggest change to the world as we know it. Love is a powerful emotion, and I find myself immensely attracted to memes on the interwebs, like doge and cate.

I disagree with xkcd and am convinced that god hacked the universe in python. I believe in power of random incidents and decisions.

I like to think that I can sing, though dance is not my thing.

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